I’ve started taking a liking to chibi usa
PS:am back ^_^


Because I just about died after hearing The First Stevenger's take on it, I HAD to do it …

…. even though it killed me a little inside…

WARNING.. I may or may not hit really high pitches when I was being a bit obnoxious so… er… be carefully of your wearing headphones…


Say your username and your name with the proper honorific.

Where are you from?

What is your favourite anime?

Pronounce the following words: Kawaii, Sugoi, Desu, Kakkoi, Bakemonogatari, Konnichiwa, Ohayou, Onigiri, Sushi, Onegai, Arigatou, Neko, Nyan, Hasubando/Waifu, Ochinchin, Manko, Gomennasai, Sayonara, Naruto, Onii-chan, Musume, Zetsubou shita, Meido, Mahou Shoujo, Hajimemashite

What do you call an attractive male?

Who is your waifu for laifu?

What are you watching this season?

Who’s your favourite touhou?

Why aren’t you kawaii?


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