Is it bad…

… that the entire time I’ve been sketching tonight…

…it’s all turning into Bollywood stuff and I keep derping dancing around my desk pretending I’m in those over the top dance numbers Bollywood is infamous for?

Yeah… my Saturdays are AWESOME!


Would anyone be interested in a livestream today…

still working on my silly idea so… yeah….



Hm…. I just got a dumb idea for Western AU…

… and it has something to do with heatstroke and Bollywood…

….because I’m stupid and like to torture Arthur <XD;;;


Is tonight another smut all nighter?

…. im still debating to post the other ones I’ve done…

… Zanney knows exactly what doodles I’m talking about >////<;;;

even if i did do it… what would you guys wants?



Oh… I kinda forgot I had this typed out a little bit. Since I don’t know when I’m going to be getting back to work on that, here’s to Zanney, who’s been the one to really cause the spark to get me going on that project. Enjoy the tidbit in the raw!

(Been constantly changing things around, but this is one version I still had saved…also….

…. I never said anything that implied that I was the best of writers so…. yeah… OTL;;; )

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yyyeeaahhh Western AU’s becoming a thing…

stepping away from “Main cast: for a bit to work on supporting characters since I have a horrible habit of ignoring them!

List thus far (you’ll find out people’s roles when I get design posts up):







(anyone have anyone else to suggest?)


I’m having one of those moments…

where im thinking… Arthur… Amelia… and boobs….


… now the question is…




I should consider making a seperat blog for all the Whotalia stuff… I dunno… still debating



I think Whotalia will be consuming a chunk of my fanart life…

On top of working on the Netherlands comic (hitting a bit of plot turbulance >3<;;;)

I think I’m gonna go out of order, add a little wibby wobbly to the timey wimey… stuff…

and just go for putting together bits and pieces of when Alfred offically runs into the Doctor (and what happens to be Amelia’s last run until she leaves QAQ)

Because Al just needs a bit more love for this verse! <3 (Matthew as well.. but I’m thumb nailing something special for him ;) )

yyeeeaaahhhh…. I better get back to work *DOODLES!!!!*


So… er… someone give me something to do…

Housemate being rather loud, not feeling like dealing with them, finished cleaning up the bathroom and checked to make sure mine and Sara’s stuff didnt get thrown out because they all decided to clean out the storage area when I was out today.

… so far nothing drastic (though I think I am now missing my boxes, which I reuse every year… ugh… mean i have to buy MORE!) But I’ll be sure to know if things are missing when Sara gets back. I’m hoping they didn’t touch the fabric and just put them away in the containers… 

So yeah… please guys… requests, doodle livestream or something? I’m feeling… very lonely. Worst feeling in the world…


Hm… maybe I should make a list of cosplay stuff…

just to have something on record…since i have AX coming up and all….

For Complete Cosplays:

Super Sailor Venus: merely need to fix the sleeves a little, but otherwise completed.

Fem!America (aka Amelia F(elicity) Jones: PPFFFTT! Now that’s a signature one of mine!

For AX, just need to hunt down my softball glove (since I don’t have the time to mess around with one of our spare Styrofoam bats (for con safety reasons)) and I’m set…… for 1p… still debating if I want to hunt down the right glasses and then chop my hair short for the short time gratification from 2p. I can pull that off rather well according to friends.. but normal fem! is a definite one! :)

AppleJack: Easiest cosplay to throw together to date. All I really had to do was dig through my old rodeo closet and by luck I still had one of my shirts that was orange. Though I might retire that one (unless someone asks me to wear her out), mostly because the Brony gatherings were kinda odd to me…

Planned or Soon to Be Made (no guarantee if I’ll do them in time or AX; just listing for future cons/gathering/stuff)

Vriska: my good friend Zanney is going to make the robotic arm and I need to figure out makeup and other things… I am very particular with makeup… gives it the extra ompf! Will be part of a group cosplay. Maybe of ALA if I play my cards right. Maybe Ohayocon 2013 too (as an all day cosplay… I mean… the make up!)

I’ll admit, still on the rocks for homestuck cosplay for AX. my biggest priority over new cosplay items is airfare and hotel. But I said I’ll try for one of the kids if I manage to pull something together so we shall see.

Fan ballgown version of dream/ prospit(?) Vriska: Part of said group cosplay… I guess the making of this one starts when Sara’s good and ready to boss everyone around so we make this one and the others epically awesome and amazing!

Princess Venus: I plan to start working on that in October for Ohayocon 2013. about time I get a pretty flowy dress as well :)

Spades!fem!America:It’s still in progress. Sara’s going to finish the jacket at some point and I need to finish the watch. if not for AX, then definantly Hetalia Day (if Sara and I decide to host a gathering in Ohio again)

Dream Cosplay:

Sakura Kyoko from Puella Magi Madoka Magica: she was my absolute favorite out of all the girls on that show! I think I lack the grace to pull of Mami (besides… I dont want my head bitten off thanks >3<). Would love to cosplay her, even if I had to go solo. 

Historical fem!America: Haven’t quite pinned down what era yet, but so far, Colonial, Revolutionary (a laDeborah Samson *google it*), or a la Marilyn Monroe are top of the list (if i can just make the pink dress from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”…. *reason for that dress is in title of movie; White Dress via The Seven Year Itch is sssoooo obvious!* 

Maybe I should add Amelia Earhart in that list too… hhhhmmmm….


Um… that’s all I can think of at the moment… so… yup… 


Oh how to draw a Beast!Arthur without ripping off Disney..?

Jackie… the challenge you have set before me…. *DOODLE DOODLE DOODLE*


I’m gonna say this now…

…. if I don’t get my TARDIS cake/ cupcake or anything doctor who related…

… then I definantly want some Old Hollywood goodies, such as Marilyn Monroe posters, Breakfast at Tiffany’s cupcakes…

… or at least some lovely folks here on tumblr to join me in a live stream while I show some movies so I can at least enjoy my 21st birthday by myself.

I dunno… I just have this weird thing against being lonely on my birthday. I guess it just comes with being a twin and always having at least one other person to celebrate with.

So yup… personal note here… n.n;


I want to sketch more and bug Sara to watch more SMASH

but alas…

it is bedtime…

… boo….

Good night sweet followers…

and please fill my asks with drawing suggestions…

for there is one I owe to wholockminded which school and personal life has put off long enough. So I shall work on the night of the morrow and I hope others shall leave me with such artistic brain candy…

… why I leave such a length message? perhaps to put off sleeping…

… damnit… i should stop….

NIGHT ALL!!! *is knocked out*

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